AAA is the largest possible game size (the others are small, medium, and large, as shown in the picture). AAA is unlocked by achieving either four tens on a large game, or three tens and one nine on a large game. After it is unlocked, it can be researched at the R&D lab.

Game DevelopmentEdit

The development steps are essentially the same as medium and large, except much longer. It is highly recommended that you send all your employees to vacations before developing AAA size game since the amount of time it takes to develop a AAA size game is approximately the same as the time it takes before employees need vacations.

It should also be noted that AAA size game development cost comes with a hefty price tag of 10M (compared to large game of 1.5M), excluding the salaries, engine and features cost. It should also be noted that AAA can be combined with MMO, with the price of 40M.

The games also usually generate a lot more design and technology points so the game will be more of a star game, unless the ideas are far off the path. Additionally, the hype will increase as well. So beginning development about a month or two after G3 is usually a good idea

If you want to achieve good management it is important to not overload Staff (max 100% of workload). You can also raise sales and publicity by starting a marketing campaign project in the R&D lab and by developing Custom Hardware in the Hardware lab.