video game, simply referred to as a game (with handles such as new gamesequel, or expansion pack) throughout Game Dev Tycoon, is the form of entertainment that the player produces to make in-game revenue and fans throughout the game.


The development of games is the core of Game Dev Tycoon. The amount of work according to Game Dev Tycoon's 

Game Dev Tycoon 100%

A game with the best possible reviews

review algorithm that is put into a game will determine its success, which is comprised of the overall income and profit that will be made from a game, how long the game will stay on the market (if it is not an MMO, which is taken off the player manually as opposed to all other games which are removed from the market automatically as soon as weekly sales have fallen to a point where they are no longer selling significantly) and how many fans it will garner over time.

Throughout Game Dev Tycoon, new options for the betterment of games (which will allow new feats to be reached which can increase a game's review score) will be unlocked. For the most part, research needs to be done while game development is not in progress to find new features for games. New features are mostly to be brought into a custom game engine, which can be applied to a game to make it better. During the stages of development in a game, these features can be toggleable to enhance the experience brought with a game.


During development, three stages of development are progressed through during which players choose the time allocation of certain aspects of a game. The amount of time a player (and any off-vacation employees) puts into certain aspects will determine how many game points the player will achieve. Game points are comprised of four different categories--bugs, design, technology, and research (Tech and Design Points Generation Algorithm).

Sizes Edit

Games can have different sizes. You can have Small, Medium, or Large. Small games are what you have been making prior to researching additional sizes. Small games are the easiest and quickest to make. Medium and large games take longer to make and you have to individually put staff onto different sliders. By a rule of them, if the slider has 'Design' in the name, the quality depends on how high the design skill of the staff member is.

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