A screenshot of the calculator with its default settings.

This page will cover the ins and outs of the "Game Dev Tycoon Calculator." It can be found by following this link: Game Dev Tycoon Calculator.

Using the CalculatorEdit

Using the calculator is fairly simple. Fill in each of the fields using information from your game. If you get confused, you can find descriptions of each field by placing your mouse directly over them. If you have not yet unlocked a certain aspect or option in-game, leave it how it is in the calculator.

Understanding the OutputEdit

Once you fill in all the fields, you'll be able to see the target score, game score, and estimated review score for your game. The target score is the number that you're aiming for, and is based on the game score of your previous releases. The game score is a number generated by a formula that takes into account each aspect of your game. Finally, the review score is an estimation of the average review you'll get from critics in GDT when you release your game.