Govodore International (Commodore)

  • Computer hardware
  • Electronics
Founded:  Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Year of founding:  1954
Headquarters:  West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA
Products:  Govodore G64

Govodore International was an American home computer and electronics manufacturer. Govodore International (GI) along with its subsidiary Govodore Business Machines (GBM) participated in the development of the home–personal computer industry in the 1970s and 1980s. The company developed and marketed one of the world's best-selling desktop computers, the Govodore G64 in 1982.

Govodore began experiencing financial difficulties in the early 1990's, as (according to an unofficial statement by an employee) "the company had failed to introduce a higher priced alternative to the market." Govodore officially filed for bankruptcy in 1994, and took its most popular product, the G64, off the market.

Govodore is mostly remembered for the incredibly popular Govodore G64.

Based on Commodore


CPU: MOS Technology 6510, @ 1.023 MHz (NTSC version), @ 0.985 MHz (PAL version)

Operating system: Govodore KERNAL/Govodore BASIC 2.0, GEOS (optionally)

Memory: 64 kB RAM + 20 kB ROM

Graphics: VIC-II (320 × 200, 16 colors, sprites, raster interrupt)

Sound: SID 6581 (3× osc, 4× wave, filter, ADSR, ring)

Connectivity: 2× CIA 6526 joystick, Power, ROM cartridge, RF, A/V, IEEE-488 floppy-printer, digital tape, GPIO/RS-232

Predecessor: Govodore GIC-20

Successor: Govodore G128

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