GrPhone (Apple iPhone)

Company: Grapple
Best Audience: Everyone
License Cost: 500K
Development Cost: 80K
Release dates for a playtime of
30 Years 35 Years 42 Years
Y18 M9 W1  Y21 M8 W2  Y25 M9 W4
Discontinue dates for a playtime of
30 Years 35 Years 42 Years
To the end  To the end  To the end

The grPhone is the first release by the in-game Apple equivalent Grapple. The GrPhone's real-life counterpart is the iPhone. The grPhone shares similar looks with the iPhone 4 and 4S, apart from a different home button and volume buttons design.

The grPhone is the only smartphone platform in the game. It has mostly successful marketshare, beating Grapple's second release, the grPad.

Target AudienceEdit

Well-fitting: Young (x1)

Non-fitting: Everyone (x0.7), Mature (x0.6)

Industry NewsEdit

  • "Today, Grapple, a company well known for their role in the early PC industry and, more recently, for their portable music player, grPod, have announced that they will soon release a powerful new mobile phone. The phone has touch screen and sports a suprisingly powerful CPU. The integrated graphics chipset should also allow the phone to run games and, since the phone comes with its own application delivery platform, it could become a great device for mobile games. The grPhone will be available early next year." - Year 18 Month 6 Week 1