Master V (Master System)

Master V
Company: Vena
Best Audience: Everyone
License Cost: 80K
Development Cost: 30K
Release dates for a playtime of
30 Years 35 Years 42 Years
Y3 M2 W2  Y3 M6 W4  Y3 M12 W4
Discontinue dates for a playtime of
30 Years 35 Years 42 Years
Y11 M3 W4  Y12 M12 W2  Y15 M4 W4

The Master V is the first console release by Vena, the second console release in the game and the fourth platform release. The Master V is based on the Master System by Sega.

The Master V's main rival is the TES by Ninvento. The Master V has a moderate release, but does not outsell the TES. However, the console stays on the market for a surprisingly long time.

Technical specifications Edit


The Master V CPU is an 8-bit Zilog Z80. The maximum addressable memory is 64 kB.


  • VDP (Video Display Processor) derived from Texas Instruments TMS9918A
  • Up to 32 simultaneous colors available (one 16-color palette for sprites or background, an additional 16-color palette for background only) from a palette of 64 (can also show 64 simultaneous colors using programming tricks)
  • Screen resolutions 256×192 and 256×224. PAL/SECAM also supports 256×240
  • 8×8 pixel characters, max 463 (due to VRAM space limitation)
  • 8×8 or 8×16 pixel sprites, max 64
  • Horizontal, vertical, and partial screen scrolling


  • Sound (PSG): Texas Instruments SN76489
    • 4 channel mono sound (3 square wave, 10-octave tone generators plus 1 variable-period white noise generator)
  • Sound (FM): Yamaha YM2413
    • Mono FM synthesis
    • Switchable between 9 tone channels or 6 tone channels + 5 percussion channels

Onboard RAMEdit

  • Boot ROM: 64 kbit (8 KB) to 2048 kbit (256 KB), depending on built-in game
  • Main RAM: 64 kbit (8 KB), can be supplemented by game cartridges
  • Video RAM: 128 kbit (16 KB)

Industry NewsEdit

  • "Following the massive success of the TES console there are now rumours circulating that Vena , another Japanese company, is planning to release a home gaming console on their own."
  • "Today, Vena has confirmed recent rumours about a new gaming console and announced the Master V. The company claims that the Master V is technically superior to the massively successful TES by Ninvento  and plans to release it in the coming months."
  • "The recently released gaming console, Master V by Vena , has stirred up the market worldwide. Industry experts say that the console is not very well marketed in North America but that it will flourish in other parts of the world."