Play System (Play Station)
Play system

Play System

Release Date: Y8 M8 W1
Discontinued: Unknown
Company:  Vonny, Ninvento
Target Audience: Y+ E+++ M++
License Cost: 200.000
Development Cost: Unknown

The 'Play System' was a prototype console announced by Vonny and Ninvento. The console was meant to be the same as the Super TES except that it had a CD drive alongside the standard ROM cartridges. The console was cancelled a day after it was announced due to a variety of problems that lead to contract predicaments between Vonny and Ninvento. Therefore, Ninvento separated from Vonny, and Vonny moved on to create the Play System on its own, under the name Playsystem.

Industry NewsEdit

  • "The media is abuzz with the latest news from this year's Entertainment Conference. In a surprise announcement Vonny, a company known for general electronics has presented a prototype console called the Play System. Apparently Vonny has collaborated with Ninvento, creators of the beloved and successful TES and Super TES consoles to develop what is basically a Super TES with a CD drive. This would be the world's first console using a CD drive." - Year 7, Month 4, Week 2
  • "Journalists around the world are baffled as only one day after Vonny and Ninvento jointly announced the Play System at the Entertainment Conference things have turned sour. Ninvento announced today that they will cancel the project and instead seek to develop a new console with a different partner. Rumour has it that the distribution deal the companies had worked out was unfavorable to Ninvento handing over much of the console to Vonny. This seems to be the end of the Play System." - Year 7, Month 4, Week 2, one day after

Real lifeEdit

This failed joint project was real : Playstation article on Wikipedia.