The R&D Lab is an area in the technology park (the fourth and penultimate office of the game) accessible after certain requirements are completed. R&D Lab grants access to the new area, new game development options, new engines, and new income opportunities. Depending on the budget you allow it, the R&D Lab produces a certain number of R&D points that go towards the active project (i.e. Console or computer) . If you do not have an active project, it will produce generic research points.

Research Areas[edit | edit source]

R&D Lab Research.jpg

For the exact requirements for each of these, look at the Research Unlocks page.

  • Internet - 500 points - Provides access to research MMO and Codename: GRID. Available on discovery of the R&D Lab.
  • Hardware - 800 points - Grants access to the Hardware Lab which can be used to develop your own console. Available on discovery of the R&D Lab.
  • MMO - Grants access to researching MMO support, an engine part that allows development of MMO games.
  • Codename: GRID - Increases share of PC and provides a small amount of income monthly.
  • Convention - 500 points - Organizes a personal convention to promote your games. Can be researched repeatedly. If not researched during a year, the company will head to G3 instead. Available when fans exceed 1,000,000 or on Y23.
  • AAA - Allows development of 3D Graphics V6 - Grants access to engine part "3D Graphics V6". Must have access to 3D graphics V5 and have leveled it up to level 4. Available when you get a large game score with an average of above 9.25
  • 3D Graphics V7 - Grants access to engine part "3D Graphics V7". Must have access to 3D graphics V6 and have leveled it up to level 4. This the last available 3D Graphics engine part.
  • License Game Engines - Unlocks the "Software Development Kit" research, which can be implemented into an engine. Software Development Kit allows you to sell the license of an engine for extra monthly income. Unlocked after having developed 10 custom game engines.
  • Marketing Campaign - 1000 points - Start a massive marketing campaign for your current in-development AAA game.
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