This page contains notes for system requirements of Game Dev Tycoon.

The game uses web technologies instead of desktop technologies. The game uses a webkit engine which is designed for webpages. The node-webkit package of the game is more designed for applications than for a game.

The game is not to complex to work well with such an engine, and fits into game concepts of modern web games, in addition it uses the benefits of the node.js framework. But if you have an old pc combination you might get problems if the accleration for the game does not work well, because the calculations are more complex than in a 2D deskop engine.


The game needs a CPU not older than 5 years. 

The game has many animations and parallel calculations in the last office with many developers. Sometimes performance problems occur with some hardware combinations, even if the graphic hardware is modern. It is not clear which combinations have an effect on this currently. You have no chance to test this problem with the demo. But if the demo performance is good the rest of the game should be playable.


It is recommend that you use a modern DirectX9 Graphic card. The game is not accelerated like a regular deskop game wich uses DirectX9 directly, but the rendering engine webkit profits from a modern graphic card too. The game uses e.g. animations and fadings which needs an acceleration.


The game needs less RAM than the official requirement. The game uses round about 500 MB RAM. It depends on your operating system how much RAM you need overall.

For modern systems like Windows 7 1,5 GB are enough. If you have more background processes you need more RAM.

HDD SpaceEdit

The game download package for Windows/MAC is round about 110 MB, the package for Linux is round about 240 MB. The Linux package contains the game for 32bit or 64bit.

The game files need round about 100 MB on Windows/Mac and round about 110 MB on Linux.

The game generates temporary files with round about 100 MB on start.

Overall you need round about 310 MB on Windows/Mac and 450 MB on Linux for all files.


  • It is possible to play the game with lower then minimum requirments but may have major Game lag In the third office once one starts the reasearch lab and the hardware lab.